4D Repair Build

Our specially designed infrastructure allows us to manage a large number of projects at once, for example in times of disaster or crisis; while still providing a prompt response, fast delivery and a high level of communication.

From small repairs to total reconstructions, 4Dimensions can handle virtually any insurance job, ranging in value from $250 to multimillion dollar commercial projects.

We provide an on call 24/7 service to carry out emergency work to secure and make-safe damaged sites.

At 4Dimensions we cater for all of your insurance needs including:

– Quoting within specified timeframes
– Report writing and qualified consultation
– Build and Repair
– Make-Safe Service
– Residential & Commercial

Ask us, we’ll help.

Your Guide to Understanding the Repair Process

“We know that getting the job done quickly and to the highest quality standards is important to you. You also need to plan around what is happening with the repairs to your property, so we keep you informed every step of the way.”
– Stuart Goble, Managing Director, 4Dimensions

Now you’ve made an Insurance Claim it’s important to understand the Repair Process. This step-by-step Guide will help you understand the stages involved in ensuring your repairs are completed efficiently and give you an idea of how long they will take. You’ll also find out who’s responsible for what so you can feel confident your repairs will be dealt with in a professional and timely fashion.

Download the attached brochure and you’ll see each stage in a simple chart. This will give you clear guidelines of what to expect once the repair process gets underway and the approximate timeframes for each stage.

It also shows when key evaluations are made and approvals obtained.

During the first three stages, the work required to repair your property is assessed, approved and categorised as either a Standard Repair or Repair Plus.

Generally, if we have determined your repair to be a Standard Repair it means the value of the claim is less than $16,000, involves simple non-structural works or has been pre-approved by your insurer as a “Do and Charge” repair.

If yours requires our Repairs Plus service it simply means that you have a higher value claim, repairs are more complex, or additional documentation such as a Building Permit is required.

As well as these general guidelines, you can be sure we’ll keep you informed with work in progress and let you know how your repair is tracking against the expected timeframe.

→ Click here to download Your Guide to Understanding the Repair Process (pdf)